STOMPED IT is a place for athletes and fans of extreme and action sports.

It is a platform for talented individuals to showcase their skills, network with each other, and promote themselves.

It is a place for fans to watch athletes pushing it to the limit and to show their appreciation of such talent.

We hope to bring athletes, fans, potential sponsors, promoters and all lovers of adrenalin together in one spot to show off, help create, and be a part of the extreme/action sports talent that exists around the world.

The Challenge

TiTANIUM Web Consulting were approached to design the STOMPED IT website. The focus was to provide an online community where users could upload videos, comment and rate videos within the community and gain sponsorship based on their videos.

The Solution

Delivered an online community website allowing users to register, upload and communicate with other members of the community as well as trying to gain sponsorship to become the next BIG extreme sportstar.


Returning Visitors


Website Design

Day Turnaround


Client Satisfaction


Implement a responsive website that looks great on mobile devices.


Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Designed from the ground up to deliver a fresh website that is easy to update and a pleasure to look at.

Online Community

Deliver an online community website that allows members of the community to communicate with each other as well as being able to upload, rate and comment on videos.

Sessions / month


Returning Visitor

Page Views / month

Avg Session Time

The Results Were Amazing

Successfully implementing an SEO strategy to drive organic traffic to the website. STOMPED IT on average have:

  • 41.82 visits per month
  • 69.57% are new visitors who on average spend 3.52 minutes on the site.
  • 3.62 pages/session were viewed


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