Aunty Poppy's Fresh Herbs

Aunty Poppy's Fresh Herbs

Having a few pots of Aunty Poppy’s living herbs on your kitchen bench or windowsill will guarantee you have a healthy flavour booster readily on hand to enrich your weekly meals. Snip herbs as needed to add a super boost of ultra-freshness, increase the antioxidant levels and boost the nutritional value of meals.

The Challenge

TiTANIUM Web Consulting were approached to design a new website for Aunty Poppy’s Fresh Herbs. The focus was to provide information about herbs available and update the site with recipes that take advantage of the herbs.

The Solution

Delivered an easy to use website that allows visitors to view herbs and provide recipes that cube used for each herb. When designing the website we wanted to keep the website clean and fresh to match the quality of the herbs.

Sessions per month


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround


Client Satisfaction

Mobile Refresh

Implement a responsive website that looks great on mobile devices.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Implement a website that is easy to update and provide recipe information and locations to purchase herbs from to visitors.

Sessions / month

Page Views / month


Avg. Bounce Rate

The Results Were Amazing

Successfully implementing an SEO strategy to drive organic traffic to the website. Aunty Poppy’s Fresh Herbs on average have:

  • 50 visits per month
  • 74.72% are new visitors who on average spend 1.15 minutes on the site.

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